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DPG Publishing Office

In the year 2008 the DPG started its own publication activities. It publishes the membership journal “Phytomedizin” as well as conference proceedings, working group reports, specialist publications and journals in the field of plant protection and plant health in the widest sense. The latter are part of the program "Spectrum Phytomedizin" and distributed via the book trade and additionally as online-publications.
Printed publications will be provided with an ISBN-number, online publications with a URN, i.e. a citable “persistent identifier” issued by the “Deutsche Nationalbibliothek” (German National Library). This URN is equivalent to other digital identifiers like DOI and internationally recognized and accepted as a citable source.
In addition we support you in creating leaflets, brochures or poster that are consistent with the standards of our Corporate Design.
The DPG only publishes publications with at least one DPG-member as author or editor. It is specialized on small circulation numbers, but is of course also able to handle large numbers. The primary goal is to spread reliable information and not to make a profit.
If you as a member are interested in publishing your work with the DPG please contact the administrative office at geschaeftsstelle (at)

Use your membership journal to spread information

  • Submit abstracts of your working group presentations
  • Write a report about your working group meeting
  • Provide us with the dates of your events
  • Let us know when a DPG member has been honored with an award
  • Please share important news about the general topic phytomedicine
  • Write a report about a conference you attended

Journal of Plant Disease and Protection

Beyond its own production portfolio the DPG owns and edits the Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection, since 2016 published by Springer. DPG’s Managing Director and the society’s 3rd Chairperson are the two Editors-in-Chief.