25th Annual Meeting of the DPG working group Biological Control of Plant Diseases

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Prof. Dr. Anant Patel
WG Fermentation and Formulation of Biologicals and Chemicals
Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences
Interaktion 1
33619 Bielefeld

Elisa Beitzen-Heineke
Wellerser Str. 57
D-37586 Dassel - Markoldendorf

  • Developing strategies to control plant diseases biologically
  • Monitoring upcoming resistant pathogens and resistance cultivation
  • Identification of control gaps which could be filled with biological control-methods
  • Search for organisms suitable to biological control of plant diseases
  • Discussion of technical and legal questions related to approval and authorization of biological preparations
  • Search for potent antagonists adapted to a specific plant
  • Explaining the work mechanisms of antagonistic organisms
  • Optimizing the effectiveness of preparations
  • Improving formulation and application
  • Control of soilborne pathogens
  • Exchange of methods
  • Pflant-Microbiomes
  • Mikrobial Ecology and biological control

Cooperation Partners

One of the tasks of this working group, founded in the spring of 1996, is the presentation of current research results. In addition, a closer cooperation with groups of professionals within Germany as well as in adjacent countries is strived for. To include important impulses from related research areas (like mass spreading of insect-pathogenic microorganisms) specialists from these fields are invited to participate.