21st Meeting of the DPG working group Stored Product Protection

Dr. Cornel Adler
Julius Kühn-Institut, Bundesforschungsinstitut für Kulturpflanzen
Inst. f. ökologische Chemie, Pflanzenanalytik und Vorratsschutz
Königin-Luise-Str. 19
14195 Berlin


Dr. Jürgen Böye
BM-Seminar GbR
Hohenbökener Weg 2
27798 Hude (Old.)


  • Exchange of knowledge between science and practice
  • Presenting and publishing up-to-date research results
  • Discussion of current trends and developments
  • Building up a network of people and institutions that are active in the field of storage protection
  • Supporting junior scientists working in the field of storage protection
  • Interdisciplinary exchange with other working groups
  • Providing information on plant protection conditions that enable the production of high quality products in sufficient quantities
  • Developing strategies to avoid the infestation of supplies that are in danger of being infected by harmful organisms and pests
  • Evaluating control means and methods developed to restrict the spread of pests appropriately
  • Exchange of experience between the sciences, manufacturers, consultants, and practitioners about specific problems related to storage protection
  • Discussing innovations in the field of storage protection
  • Integration of new monitoring procedures and pest control
  • Transfer of new results to the expert community
  • New findings in regard to pest control, crop damages and losses
  • Changes/Improvements in storage techniques
  • Methods of pest prevention for different products and processes
  • Creating monitoring methods enabling an early detection of infection
  • Ways of physical pest control
  • Ways of biological pest control
  • Ways of chemical pest control
  • IPC-strategies for crop protection in organic farming
  • IPC-strategies for crop protection in conventional farming
  • National and international legal regulations
  • Exchange of knowledge in national and international conferences
  • Crop protection in moderate, tropical, and subtropical climate zones

The members of the working group (between 20 and 30) cooperate with the DPG working group Vertebrates. Both groups meet bi-annually and organize their meetings in close timely proximity.

In addition we promote the cooperation of national and international experts from a variety of backgrounds, e.g. from the field of developmental aid, and with different experiences in order to get results applicable in the field of storage protection.