Prof. Dr. agr. Heinz-Wilhelm Dehne Ϯ

We received the sad notice that on May 23rd, 2019 Prof. Dr. agr. Heinz-Wilhelm Dehne, former professor at the University of Bonn, former chairman of the Deutsche Phytomedizinische Gesellschaft e.V., and dedicated mentor and organizer of the Reinhardsbrunn Symposium for many years, has died at the age of 68. An extended obituary (in German) can be found at the website of his former institute INRES:

19th International Reinhardsbrunn Symposium

Modern Fungicides and Antifungal Compounds

7. April - 11. April 2019

Friedrichroda - Germany

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The Reinhardsbrunn-Symposium

For over 50 years the name "Reinhardsbrunn" has become famous in scientific circles for the Symposium series which draws together fungicide scientists from academia, research institutes and industry to present, listen to and discuss the latest research findings from around the world in this fast moving field.

Such research is a vital component in the quest to provide adequate control of the fungi that threaten the world's food supply and commodity products. Only by discovering new active molecules by synthetic chemistry or from natural sources and by understanding how they work and how best to use them in geographically different locations, can we hope to maintain and improve the quality of life for the world's growing population.

The 2019 Symposium will build upon the Reinhardsbrunn reputation by providing an opportunity for established experts and those just starting on their scientific career to present information to an international audience through oral presentations and posters. In addition, outstanding experts as key note speakers will introduce into the symposium and the single topical sessions. There will be ample time to discuss the findings and their implications both during and after the presentations. The Symposium thus also provides a unique opportunity to establish new contacts and friendships within fungicide science.

It is the intention of the Symposium Committee to arrange a well balanced program with participants and perspectives from around the globe, and sufficient time for discussion.

We look forward to welcome you as an active participant at the symposium!

The official language of the symposium is English.

Project No. DE 403/23-1

For a download please click on the graphic.

The Symposium will be held at the H+-Hotel (former Ramada), Thüringer Wald in Friedrichroda, Germany. The Hotel offers a special accommodation package on a first-come, first-served base at a special price (see "Fees") which includes breakfast and room.

Reservations have to be made with the hotel directly - ask for the special package price "Reinhardsbrunn Symposium", which includes breakfast and room: hplus.friedrichrodah-hotelscom. The accommodation must be paid directly to the hotel.

In case the H+ Hotel is fully booked, nearby Ahorn Berghotel Friedrichroda (5 minutes walking distance) is an alternative.

How to get to Friedrichroda:

By plane to Frankfurt/Main, Berlin or Erfurt.
From there by train to Gotha (Thuringia), which is situated on the railway line Berlin - Frankfurt (check with:; English version:
In Gotha take a taxi : costs from the station Gotha to the hotel will be approximately € 30,-. Adventurous participants take the local tram in Gotha (Thüringer Waldbahn) to the station "Bahnhof Reinhardsbrunn". The Hotel is within 500 m walking distance up the hill.

By car from Frankfurt/Main: take the Autobahn (Expressway) A5 -> A4 to Eisenach and Erfurt, branch off at Waltershausen. Then follow the signs to Friedrichroda.

Passport and Visa

Members of the European Union need a valid identity card or passport. Participants from all other countries should check with their travel agency or directly with the German Embassy in their home country for visa regulations.

Letter of invitation

The Organising Committee will send out a letter of invitation, if requested, for participants having an accepted contribution. It is understood that such an invitation is intended to help potential attendees to raise travel funds or obtain a visa. The organisers can not provide financial support. Please contact the Symposium Bureau.

Contact address

Dr. Christian Carstensen
c/o Deutsche Phytomedizinische Gesellschaft e.V.
Messeweg 11-12
38104 Braunschweig - Germany
Email: inforeinhardsbrunn-symposiumde

Keynote Speakers (confirmed)

Prof. Dr. Uwe Conrath, Aachen University, Germany

  Bifunctional fusion peptide and microgel-based release system for plant health

Prof. Dr. Holger B. Deising. Halle University, Germany

  Are biologics and biologicals consumers’ friends or foes? Plant disease control based on toxic microbial secondary metabolites

Dr. Claudia Godoy, Embrapa Soja, Londrina, Brasil

  Overcoming the threat of Asian soybean rust in Brazil

Dr. Susan Knight, Syngenta Asia Pacific, Singapore

  Review of fungicide resistance management in Asia

Dr. Ewa Matyjaszczyk, Institute of Plant Protection - National Research Institute, Poznan, Poland

  Registered doses of fungicides: seed dressing versus foliar treatment

Prof. Dr. Jon West, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK

  Smart monitoring of airborne plant pathogens

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Symposium Excursion to Merkers Adventure Mines (limited number of participants)

March 27, 2019: Sorry, completely booked out.

For Tuesday afternoon (April 9, 2019) an excursion has been organized that will take us to the city of Merkers-Kieselbach. We will be taken on a 2,5 hours guided underground tour in Merkers Adventure Mines, a former potash mine turned into a tourist attraction. Merkers Mines have developed into a major tourist attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world. Every year, approximately 80,000 guests are treated to a fascinating underground tour, during which they learn at first hand the whole history of potash mining in the region. Highlights of the tour include the stunning crystal grotto, the historical gold room, the "world's deepest concert hall", a unique underground bucket-wheel excavator, and a simulated blasting a couple of hundred meters below the surface. (Link to German Page)

Afterwards we will enjoy the conference dinner with a Thuringian specialties buffet at the Kurhaus am Burgsee in Bad Salzungen.

Excursion fee including dinner:  € 80,00


Evening Welcome Reception April 07, 2019

We will have a Welcome Reception with a buffet supper for all registered participants at the H+-Hotel in Friedrichroda, our conference site, on Sunday evening, April 07, 2019, 8 p.m. - 10 p.m.

The option of submitting presentations has been closed - registration for participation is welcome.


Registration with contribution                           October 31, 2018 (NEW)

Submission of abstract                                            October 31, 2018 (NEW)

Registration without contribution                   March 30, 2019

Hotel registration (for special offer)               March 1, 2019

Payment of reduced conference fees             March 1, 2019

Submission of complete manuscript
for the Proceedings volume                                 September 1, 2019


Regular participants:

Payment before March 1st, 2019:   430 Euro

Payment after March 1st, 2019:       500 Euro


Students (with student or PhD candidate ID):

Payment before March 1st, 2019:    200 Euro

Payment after March 1st, 2019:        250 Euro


DPG junior members:                              150 Euro


Symposium Excursion                                80 Euro

(Details you will find at Social Events/Excursion)

Sorry, completely booked out.

A Proceedings Volume will be published as a peer-reviewed printed Symposium Proceedings Volume. One printed copy is included in the participation fee.



Conference fees  should be addressed to the account of the Deutsche Phytomedizinische Gesellschaft (DPG). Bank details will be provided to you after registration.

Please notice that payments reduced by a processing fee of EUR 30 will be refunded provided a written cancellation is received by DPG until 28th February 2019. Please note that there will be no refund for cancellation after that date.

Presentations (and posters) will be accepted from areas of fungicide science that fit into the following thematic areas:

· New fungicides, targets, and modes of action

· New technologies and applications

· Digital pathogen sensing

· Biorational fungicides / biocontrol

· Resistance risk assessment

· Resistance modelling

· Fungicide resistance: mechanisms and diagnostics

· Fungicide resistance monitoring: regional and global aspects

· Regulatory aspects

· Post harvest fungicide management

· Translational aspects: from lab to field


How to submit a paper or poster:

In addition to invited lecturers the symposium will be based on oral papers and poster presentations selected by the programm committee from the submitted proposals. Please submit the title of your proposed contribution and an abstract text (ca. 1500 characters) as part of your online registration further up on this website.


Registration with contribution &
submission of abstract                                        October 31, 2018


Prof. Dr. Holger B. Deising
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät III
Institut für Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaften and
Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Nutzpflanzenforschung (IZN)
Betty-Heimann-Str.- 3
D-06120 Halle (Saale), Germany


Dr. Falko Feldmann
Deutsche Phytomedizinische Gesellschaft e.V.
Messeweg 11-12
D-38104 Braunschweig, Germany


Steering Committee

Chair: Prof. Dr. Holger B. Deising, Germany
Dr. Bart Fraaije, UK
Dr. Andreas Mehl, Germany
Dr. Erich-Christian Oerke, Germany
Dr. Helge Sierotzki, Switzerland
Dr. Gerd Stammler, Germany

A Proceedings Volume will be published as a peer-reviewed printed Symposium Proceedings Volume - previous volumes you will find further down on this website.

For authors of the 2019 proceedings volume: please use the provided template (see below) for your contribution (which already includes most of the settings described in the Instructions to authors), and replace our text with yours. For further and detailed information please use the "Instructions to authors" (please click on text below).

Template proceedings volume RHB Apr 2019.docx

Instructions to authors engl RHB 2019-04-27


Symposium supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation).


Single Contributions of "Modern Fungicides and Antifungal Compounds VIII - The Proceedings of the 18th International Reinhardsbrunn Symposium 2016 on Modern Fungicides and Antifungal Compounds"
01_Lucas_Resistance_Management_We_know_why__but_do_we_know_how_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-01-8.pdf 03_Kogel_et_al_The_Agronomic_Potential_of_Gene_Silencing_Applications_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-03-0.pdf 05_Zhou_et_al_Myosin_as_a_Selective_Target_for_the_Fungicide_Phenamacril_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-05-2.pdf 07_King_et_al_Rapid_LAMP_Assays_to_Detect_MgCYP51_andor_MgMFS1_Overexpressing_Strains_of_Zymoseptoria_tritici_in_Leaf_Samples__0294-sp-2017-Reinh-07-4.pdf 09_Sierotzki_et_al_ADEPIDYNTM_Fungicide_A_New_Broad_Spectrum_Foliar_Fungicide_for_Multiple_Crops_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-09-7.pdf 11_Torriani_et_al_Succinate-Dehydrogenase_Inhibitor__SDHI__Resistance_Evolution_in_Plant_Pathogens_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-11-4.pdf 13_Jung_et_al_Multidrug_Resistance_Conferred_by_Xenobiotic_Detoxification_in_the_Ascomycete_Fungus_Sclerotinia_homoeocarpa_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-13-6.pdf 15_Gutiérrez-Alonso_et_al_In_Vitro_Evolution_of_Fluxapyroxad_Resistance_in_Zymoseptoria_Tritici_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-15-8_Gutiérrez-Alonso.pdf 17_Lebeda_et_al_Long-Lasting_Study_of_Fungicide_Efficacy_against_Czech_Cucurbit_Downy_Mildew_Populations__0294-sp-2017-Reinh-17-0_Lebeda.pdf 19_Lopez-Ruiz_et_al_Proposal_for_a_Unified_Nomenclature_for_Target_Site_Mutations_Associated_with_Resistance_to_Fungicides__an_Update_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-19-3.pdf 21_Piotrowska_et_al_Fungicide_Sensitivity_Monitoring_in_Cereals__Forest_and_Minor_Crop_Pathogens_in_the_UK__0294-sp-2017-Reinh-21-0.pdf 23_Scalliet_et_al_Learning_from_Botrytis_Monitoring_after_more_than_20_Years_of_Switch_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-23-2.pdf 25_Moreira_et_al_Sensitivity_of_Colletotrichum_Species__Associated_to_Glomerella_Leaf_Spot_in_Apple__to_Mancozeb_and_Thiophanate_Methyl_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-25-4.pdf 27_Kleemann_u_Mehl_SDHI_Sensitivity_Status_of_Zymoseptoria_tritici_and_Botrytis_cinerea_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-27-6.pdf 29_Rehfus_et_al_Sensitivity_of_Pyrenophora_teres_to_Succinate_Dehydrogenase_Inhibitors_in_Europe_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-29-9.pdf 31_Toffolatti_et_al_Evaluation_of_a_CAA-based_Management_Strategy_for_the_Downy_Mildew_Control_in_a_Vineyard_with_CAA_Resistance_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-31-6.pdf 33_Huf_et_al_Sensitivity_of_Venturia_inaequalis_to_Fungicides_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-33-8.pdf 35_Adaskaveg_et_al_Potassium_Phosphite_Resistance_and_New_Modes_of_Action_for_Managing_Phytophthora_Diseases_of_Citrus_in_the_United_States_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-35-0.pdf 37_Hawkins_et_al_Adaptive_Landscapes_in_Fungicide_Resistance_Fitness__Epistasis__Constraints_and_Predictability_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-37-2.pdf 39_Klosowski_et_al_Detection_of_Mutations_in_CYP51_and_CYTB_Genes_of_Phakopsora_pachyrhizi_Isolates_and_Competitive_Fitness_of_Mutated_and_Wild_Type_Isolates_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-39-5.pdf 41_Graf_et_al_Status_of_In_Vivo_and_Molecular_Diagnosis_of_Fungicide_Resistance_in_Powdery_Mildews_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-41-2.pdf 43_Glienke_et_al_Advances_in_Research_on_Biodiversity_and_Bioprospecting_of_Endophytes_in_Brazil__0294-sp-2017-Reinh-43-4.pdf 45_Schmitt_et_al_CO-FREE_Alternative_Test_Products_for_Copper_Reduction_in_Agriculture_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-45-6.pdf 47_Ryabchenko_et_al_The_Effectiveness_of_Chemical_and_Biological_Agents_Against_the_Pear_Scab_Pathogen_Fusicladium_pyrorum__Lib.__Fuckel_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-47-8.pdf 49_Oliver_et_al_Exploiting_Genotypic_Monitoring__Mixtures_and_Alternations_for_Sustainable_Fungicide_Management__Sym-Mixes__Allo-Mixtures_and_the_Hogwarts_Staircase_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-.pdf 51_Wieczorek_et_al_Fungicide_Spray_Strategies_Avoiding_Resistance_Development_in_Winter_Wheat_Pathogen_Zymoseptoria_tritici_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-51-8.pdf 53_Vlasova_The_Study_of_Influence_of_Aerotechnogenic_Pollution_on_Lichenized_Fungi_by_Means_of_Electron_Microscopy_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-53-0.pdf

Publication sponsored by:

02_Steinberg_et_al_Live_Cell_Imaging_Provides_Novel_Insights_into_Fungicide_Mode_of_Action_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-02-4.pdf 04_Tietjen_Contribution_of_Plant_Responses_to_Efficacy_of_Fungicides_–_a_Perspective_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-04-6.pdf 06_Koch_et_al_An_RNAi-based_Control_of_Fusarium_graminearum_Infections_Through_Spraying_of_Long_dsRNAs__0294-sp-2017-Reinh-06-8.pdf 08_Schnabel_et_al_Communication_of_FRAC_Code_Principles_with_Fruit_Producers_via_Smartphone_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-08-0.pdf 10_Hall_et_al_Elucidation_of_a_Novel_Protein_Kinase_Target_in_Fungicide_Research__0294-sp-2017-Reinh-10-7.pdf 12_Gazzetti_et_al_Role_of_Site-Specific_Allele_Replacement_into_SvHK1_Locus_in_the_Study_of_S._vesicarium_Resistance_to_Dicarboximide_and_Phenylpyrrole_Fungicides_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-12.pdf 14_Tietjen_et_al_Crystallographic_Studies_of_Yeast_CYP51_with_Fungicides_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-14-2.pdf 16_Sedláková_et_al_Long-Lasting_Study_of_Fungicide_Efficacy_against_Czech_Cucurbit_Powdery_Mildew_Populations__0294-sp-2017-Reinh-16-4.pdf 18_Stuerm_et_al_Genetic_Diversity_of_Phakopsora_pachyrhizi_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-18-6.pdf 20_Jörgensen_et_al_Azoles_Have_Different_Strengths_and_Perform_Diversely_Across_Europe_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-20-3.pdf 22_Nanni_et_al_Efficacy_of_Carboxylic_Acid_Amides_Fungicides_towards_CAA_Sensitive_and_Resistant_Plasmopara_viticola_Populations_in_vivo_Tests_and_Molecular_Studies_on_PvCesA3_0294-sp-.pdf 24_Kirikyali_et_al_Azole_and_SDHI_Sensitivity_Status_of_Zymoseptoria_tritici_Field_Populations_Sampled_in_France__Germany_and_the_UK_during_2015_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-24-8.pdf 26_Milosavljević_et_al_Monitoring_of_Botrytis_cinerea_Sensitivity_to_Fungicides_in_Strawberry_Fields_in_Serbia_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-26-0.pdf 28_Kildea_et_al_Developing_Fungicide_Control_Programmes_for_Blotch_in_Irish_Winter_Wheat_Crops_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-28-2.pdf 30_Hall_et_al_Fungicide_Resistance_in_Australian_Viticulture_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-30-9.pdf 32_Ishi__Kurosaki_Sensitivity_of_Fungal_Strains_Isolated_from_Rice_Sheath_Blight_Symptom_to_the_SDHI_Fungicides_Furametpyl_and_Benzovindiflupyr_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-32-2.pdf 34_Trkulja_et_al_Monitoring_of_Cercospora_beticola_Resistance_to_Fungicides_in_Serbia_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-34-4.pdf 36_Cherrad_et_al_First_Detection_of_Boscalid-Resistant_Strains_of_Erysiphe_necator_in_French_Vineyards_Biological_and_Molecular_Characterization_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-36-6.pdf 38_Olaya_et_al_Detection_of_the_G143A_Mutation_that_Confers_Resistance_to_QoI_Fungicides_in_Alternaria_tomatophila_from_Tomatoes_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-38-8.pdf 40_Mosbach_et_al_High_Throughput_Imaging_for_Resistance_Monitoring_and_Mode_of_Action_Studies_in_Botrytis_cinerea_and_Other_Pathogens_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-40-5.pdf 42_Strobel_et_al_Field_Performance_of_DMI_Fungicides_against_Zymoseptoria_tritici_across_Europe_-_Compromized_by_Further_Sensitivity_Shift_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-42-8.pdf 44_Battistini_et_al_Strobilurin_Sensitivity_of_Zymoseptoria_tritici_Italian_Strains_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-44-0.pdf 46_Young_et_al_Enhancing_the_Efficacy_of_Copper_Fungicides_through_Synergism_with_Salicylaldehyde_Benzoylhydrazones_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-46-2.pdf 48_Walker_et_al_Durable_Strategies_for_Fungicides_Use_Lessons_from_the_Past_and_Leads_for_Improving_the_Future_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-48-4.pdf 50_Carolan_et_al_Cultivar_Resistance_Can_Help_Extend_the_Effective_Life_of_Fungicides_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-50-1.pdf 52_Steva_What_is_the_Better_Solution_for_Fungicide_Resistance_Management_in_Grapes_Sequence_or_Alternation_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-52-4.pdf 54_Avetisyan_et_al_Development_of_the_Wheat_Powdery_Mildew_Pathogen_under_Oxidative_Stress_0294-sp-2017-Reinh-54-6.pdf

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Modern Fungicides and Antifungal Compounds VII. Proceedings of the 17th International Reinhardsbrunn Symposium, April 21 -25, 2013, Friedrichroda, Germany

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